Telecom, O2 E398 – Huawei E398 LTE Modem

Finally it’s official, the Telekom brings in the 2nd The first quarter of its own LTE stick on the market. The model is the Huawei E398. This is also marketed in Germany and Austria.

O2 introduces the same device in the LTE pilot test. We already have the Huawei E398 LTE Stick with technical details presented here. We had also reported from brief about the near future in this model A1 in Austria is available. (But in silver). This model is sold in white, simple design of the telecom. We findes far from negligible.

First Telecom 4G LTE Stick
With the LTE Stick E398 Huawei Telekom offers from the second quarter of 2011 in Germany and Austria in the first 4G mobile broadband device that surfing with LTE in the 800 megahertz band in the 1.8 gigahertz and at 2, 6 gigahertz band allows.

Huawei E398 Data Sheet
Many thanks to the Telecom for the provision of data sheets. In the Data Sheet Windows 8 is listed, whether it is an input error is and Windows7 is actually meant? 42Mbit / s download and 11Mbit / s upload speeds are very athletic.

The E398 will automatically select the fastest network available, offering customers of Telekom a comfortable-to-use user interface. The stick can in 2G, 3G and 4G networks are operated and supported so that the fun of mobile browsing. Fully backwards compatible, what more could you want!

We think it right class that telecom good model of this quality in the mobile market of the 4th Generation will introduce.


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